A Special Evening with Norman Beck

Join us for an exclusive evening with Norman Beck, an expert card technician, world class bridge player, a story teller, public speaker, and a VP of a company that manage bets and prizes for the gaming industry. 


Norman is great public speaker and will share stories about his life in magic, his world travels, and his job in the gaming industry, helping casinos find crooks and scam artists. He is a world class card expert and will share how these skills help him in his profession. He is also a long time M.U.M. article writer.


After his talk, Norman will sit down with fellow magician and longtime friend Eric DeCamps for a one on one interview about his life.  Friends for a long time, Eric and Norman will discuss thoughts on magic, cheating, gambling and personal stories. 


This event is open to those registered for NEMCON and staying at the NEMCON Hotel Friday night. The first 60 people registered at NEMCON and the Hotel will be invited to this event.  It starts at 7:30 pm and there will be signs directing you to the correct room in the hotel.

Close-Up Jam

Join us Friday night for a close-up jam where you can share ideas, workshop routines and learn something new from fellow NEMCON registrants and magicians. The jam takes place following the Special Evening with Norman Beck event and will run throughout the evening.


Save your seat at NEMCON 39!