Asi Wind


NYC based Corporate Mentalist (mind reader) Asi Wind is one of magic's most influential thinkers and performers. Magicians all over the world study and perform his creations. He was presented with the Merlin Award for the most original show (previously given to Penn & Teller and David Copperfield).

 Wind’s off-Broadway show, “Concert of the Mind,” completely sold out, extended its run, and received rave reviews and critical acclaim. 

Asi Wind was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where he was voted "Best Magician in Israel." He currently resides in New York City, and spends most of his year performing across the globe. 

Garrett Thomas

Garrett Thomas thinks differently.

His magic is real, not borne of a purchased kit and rehearsed, but discovered on his own. He’s “a magician’s magician,” a real-life wizard whom even the finest and most practiced in the field of magic study for clues.

Magic is Garrett’s passion, path and art. It is the filter through which he perceives and lives his life. He’s an inventor, creating new concepts and principles by looking at the world and finding magic in it.

As an internationally recognized sleight-of-hand magician, his art comes from a lifetime of problem solving. Being dyslexic, he learned early to think things through in a different way, in order to find a path where there was none.

Crossing paths with Garrett Thomas is like an encounter with a unique and talented soul. His understanding of how perception works, the human body, and psychology allow him to “create a moment,” an experience of something you can’t explain, yet will always remember.

Garrett has performed across his home state of New York, around the country, including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, in Canada and overseas. He has been a regular writer and consultant to David Blaine since 2003, performed for many celebrities, consulted other magicians, and in 2020 won the top prize on the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

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David Kaye

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David Kaye, performing as Silly Billy, is considered to be one of the best magicians for children in the US. He has performed at the White House, Lincoln Center, and on The Late Show on CBS. He was also profiled in The New Yorker magazine. In addition to being a full time performer, he was a columnist for MAGIC magazine for eight years and is in his sixth year as a columnist for Genii. David's book, Seriously Silly is considered to be the bible of kid show magic. He was recently awarded the prestigious Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts, in Hollywood, California. He was named Magician of the Year 2019 by New York Cit's Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians. David is one of only a handful of magicians in the world who has appeared on the covers of seven international magic journals. He has created many products for the professional children's magician which can be found at

Francis Menotti

Professional magician, consultant and inspirer, Francis Menotti has been impressing audiences internationally since 2000. With highly innovative, intelligent presentations he is sought by prestigious clientele from the sound stages of Hollywood for the ABC prime time show Deception to the Oval Office, performing at both the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Presidential Inaugurations. With that list of accomplishments, it’s no surprise that Francis fooled Penn & Teller on their hit show Fool Us  when he made his appearance in 2015. A performance they enjoyed so much, they had him return for a subsequent season in 2020.


Recently featured on the cover of Genii Magazine Francis’ brilliance is recognized by his audience and peers alike. Known in the magic world as a writer, creator, and producer of brilliantly deceptive magic effects and methods, Francis has dozens of published routines on the market used by working magicians today. 


A leading creative designer of custom magic for theatre, television and film projects, (Travel Channel's Dan White Magic Special, the 2013 feature "The Immigrant,” 2018 film “The House a the Clock in its Walls,” and David Kwong’s New York theatre show, “The Enigmatist”), Francis Menotti has dedicated himself to consistently improving the art of magic, even virtually, ensuring he adds to “The future of magic!” (Teller)


Lindsey Noel


All with a wink, a nod, and a surprising amount of weird body poses resembling human, Lindsey Noel brings her whirlwind energy to today's leading magic venues (pre-covid, of course). Gracing stages the likes of the Chicago Magic Lounge, NYC's Monday Night Magic, and Marvyn's Magic Theater to name a few, this glamorous and strange babe with the power delights and astounds all she encounters.


Coming to the art of magic with a background in film and television as a costume designer and stylist and over a decade of producing grand live events, Lindsey Noel brings production value to her performances with beautiful costumes she has designed, multiple costume changes, and detailed elaborate props. Each effect she performs is either completely original or tailored with custom props to be unlike anything else out there in the world of professional whimsy.


Reading minds and confusing hearts (is she hot? is she a goblin? is she behind me right now? Oh god. she is, isn't she?) this magical mentalist has taken the virtual world by storm. You can catch her at all the hottest clubs, like Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and even Streamyard, where she finds ways to create human connection and spark joy, breaking the barrier of the screen. Tune in and witness with your own eyes and mind why Lindsey Noel is #MindReadingWithMoxie

Eric DeCamps

Eric DeCamps is only the second magician in the 120-year history of The Society of American Magicians to be awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence for Close Up Magic, has been voted Magician of the Year by The Society of American Magicians and a recipient of the prestigious Milbourne Christopher Foundation Award for Close Up Magic.  

Eric has been a serious student of the art of magic for over 40 years, he has had four successful runs in New York City of his one-man shows, Eric DeCamps An Evening of Intimate Magic and Pure Magic – A Performance of Contemporary Conjuring. His performances are filled with compelling stories and visual artistry. Audiences have described him as debonair, engaging, enchanting and mystifying. Mr. DeCamps will not only provoke your sense for wonder and mystery, it will give you a new appreciation for the art of magic.



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