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Marlene Clark


NEMCON 42 Honoree Marlene Clark started as a clown but soon learned that entertaining was more than wearing greasepaint, a wig, and funny shoes. She learned magic - not finger-busting card or coin moves, but parlor and stage magic that was surprising and fun. She rediscovered ventriloquism and performed magic and ventriloquism shows at libraries, nursery and elementary schools, resorts, birthday parties, and corporate events. For several years she entertained children in hospitals for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and the Starlight Foundation of New York. She also created a one-woman show as Mrs. Santa Claus that featured an original story and magic. Marlene performed full time for more than 25 years and operated A Fun Time Productions entertainment agency. The Connecticut Association of Parks and Recreation named her as one of the top three children's entertainers in Connecticut.

Marlene has conducted ventriloquism, clowning, and comedy improv workshops at Society of Young Magicians (S.Y.M.) and S.A.M. Assemblies, and at S.A.M. National Conventions. She also has produced the S.A.M. Stars of Tomorrow shows and performances by young magicians ages 7 through 17 at S.A.M. National Conventions for several years.

Marlene also had a writing and editing career. She wrote magic routines for and edited Devil of a Bar & Pub, a book of stories and effects that take place in a fictitious bar in Boston. She taught memoir writing, learned to read Tarot, and taught it at community colleges.

Marlene joined S.A.M. Assembly 127 in the 1980s and served as secretary and NEMCON registrar for many years. She served as S.A.M. Connecticut Deputy and was elected New England Regional Vice President in 2006. She was elected National Secretary in 2008. She calls the S.A.M. her second family, and she's grateful for every member she's met and worked with.

We are honored to have Marlene Clark as the NEMCON 42 Honoree.

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